Tekflo Sensors proudly announces NanoTek, having a unique technology, which provides the first prevention against dangerous airborne viruses and pollutants. NanoTek meets the USA government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standard PM 2.5 for protection against dangerous airborne particulate pollutants down to 1 micron (i / 1000 mm) size.

As such, NanoTek provides the first comprehensive source of PROTECTION against the following airborne pollutants:

  • Covid 19 virus and their derivatives
  • Forest fire, fog, smog and airborne particulate pollutants
  • Vehicle exhaust
  • Influenza
  • Factory airborne pollutants and airborne odours
  • Asthma, conjunctivitis (pollen and hay fever}, SARS( severe acute respiratory syndrome)


The World Health Organisation (WHO) asserts that 90 percent of the world’s population suffers from some sort of lung infection, which shortens life span from various pollutants entering the lungs via the nose and mouth. Common masks worn by millions of people, we assert, do not provide adequate protection against airborne particulate pollutants, which find their way to peoples lungs via the nose and mouth.

NanoTek uniquely does not, here’s why:

  • NanoTek is a complete factory assembled pneumatic system, which uniquely provides a continuous clean air purge to a comfortable, close fitting mask worn over the nose and mouth. It is a lightweight and portable system, provided in a weatherproof back or front worn pack. This contains an air canister providing clean air for up to 1 hour use in an pollution affected environment. Alternatively, the system pneumatics may be assembled in an attractive portable container on wheels, which houses a heavier air canister for up to 2 hours continuous protection. The air canister is topped up as easily and quickly as pumping up a car tire.
  • The NanoTek system is a master piece of bi-directional pneumatic instrumentation. It is virtually solid state, having no moving parts, such as levers, springs etc. this ensures high insensitivity to pink noise, typically such as from vehicles travelling over rough territory or from vibrating machinery. Clean air is supplied to the mask at a low purge pressure above the pressure of normal airborne pollutants, but refreshingly comfortable and fitting to the face at air velocities up or near Mach 1, the speed of sound. This in turn provides a response time of around 10 milleseconds to STOP airborne pollutants as soon as they arrive at the mask and no further.
  • The NanoTek has an optional refreshing and relaxing natural Thai herb aroma unit, switched from air by the turn of a valve.
  • The NanoTek mask includes 2 breather air respirators, approved to USA EPA standard PM 2.5
  • The NanoTek mask is fitted with outer and inner soft, comfortable textiles. in the middle of which is an electro – static textile as an extra guard against particulate pollutants and again with the USA EPA standard PM2.5
  • Amazingly, NanoTek includes airborne pollutants arriving from a breath, slight cough or sneeze or in wind gusts up to velocities of 30.8 – 38.6 km/h (i9 – 24 mph, maximum Beaufort Number 5. This is strongly advised for use by the courageous doctors and nurses in close contact with possibly infected patients

Details are provided in the NanoTek data sheet here.

NanoTek saves governments and businesses huge sums of money by obviating the need for the 2 meter distance between people rule and provides the case for no more virus scare lock downs.


Further details are also available by email to Dr. Robert Batey Ph.D, Ch. Eng. UK (robert.batey@tekflosensors.com)