Press Release

NanoTek – The First Prevention Against Dangerous Airborne Viruses and Pollutants

Tekflo Sensors proudly announces NanoTek, having a unique technology, which provides the first prevention against dangerous airborne viruses and pollutants. NanoTek meets the USA government Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standard PM 2.5 for protection against dangerous airborne particulate pollutants down to 1 micron (i / 1000 mm) size. As such, NanoTek provides the first comprehensive […]

tekSon TS Series Low Cost Ultrasonic Water Energy Flow Measurement

tekflo sensors are proud to present their tekSon TS Series ultrasonic water energy meter, which uniquely meets EN1434 Class 1 total energy system accuracy for pipe sizes 15mm to 2000mm (1/2” – 80”) pipe diameter. tekSon measures hot or chilled water energy by continuous sensing of the multiplication of flow rate and the differential temperature […]

Using tekMass Thermal Mass Flow Sensors to Cut Costs and Improve the Environment

How tekMass Operates tekMass embodies 2 high stability thermal sensors, either for insertion into a pipe or duct, under pressure if necessary. Alternatively, it may be supplied as an in-line sensor, complete with spool piece and process flanged connections. They are only suitable for gas flow, not including steam. One sensor is heated and the […]

Making Sure Your tekMass thermal Mass Flow Sensor Operates Efficiently

The patented tekMass TMS Series is designed for bi-directional mass or NTP corrected volumetric flow measurement of pure or mixed gases. tekMass has the largest flow ranges available from 0.35 kg/h to over 12 million kg/h (1.2 lb/h to > 26 million lb/h). It is accurate to < ± 1% of reading, with traceability to […]

tekMag Intelligent Magnetic Flow Sensors – Not Just Another Magmeter

The comprehensive range of tekMag magnetic flow sensors operate on the Principle of Faraday’s Law, which states when a conductor moves through a permanent or an electro-magnetic field B, a signal voltage U is generated, whose amplitude is proportional to the mean velocity v of the conductor. The conductor is the measured media flowing through […]