The tekSon flow sensors embody two piezo-ceramic crystal units, which act alternately as transmitting and receiving ultrasonic pulse generators. The piezo-ceramic generators are placed diagonally across an existing pipeline, or side by side, to generate pulses diagonally or in V formation respectively.

The ultrasonic pulses in the downstream direction of flow will travel the distance between the two piezo-ceramic crystals in a shorter time than those travelling upstream against the flow. The differential transit time is then a measurement of flow rate.

Unlike a turbine meter, the tekSon signal is basically independent of media density, overcoming the precautions necessary for energy measurement media containing ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, brine etc.

The TS Series consists of three basic types normally supplied for complete hydronic energy measurement systems, compliant to EN 1434 Class 1 system accuracy. Each energy system normally includes a high accuracy, matched pair of temperature sensors. Where the piezo-ceramic crystal units and temperature sensors are of the clamp-on types, the pipe requires no modification, reducing installation costs to a minimum.

tekSon clamp-on systems can be conveniently used for revalidation of other fixed sensor types and provide on-site traceability to USA NIST and other international standards.

The tekSon sensors are available for pipe sizes 15-2000mm (0.5” – 80”) diameter. All are supplied with customized Calibration Certificates traceable to the USA NIST and other Internationally recognized standards. Production is strictly adhered and certified to ISO 9001 conditions.

Besides using the standard ultrasonic flow signal the tekSon system may also receive a 4-20mA signal from a tekMag TM03 magnetic flow sensor. The EN 1434 Class 1 accuracy remains the same.