tekMag technology has made it possible to offer one the most exciting range of magnetic flow sensors available from one company. With a large magnetizing current, high exciter frequency, coupled with low power consumption, the tekMags have high quality signal : noise ratio.

Permanent coatings on the liner and electrodes such as greasy raw sewage, calcium carbonate, have virtually no effect on accuracy. All tekMags are supplied with Calibration Certificates traceable to the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other International recognized standards.

The low power feature has enabled battery & solar driven high quality magnetic flow sensors to sizes as large as 600mm (24″) which was not possible just a few years ago.


  • One of the highest signal to media noise ratio available
  • High accuracy < +/- 0.2% of reading > 0.1m/s (0.3% fps) converter dependent
  • Resolution to 1000th of range
  • NIST traceable accuracy or internationally traceable
  • Sensor sizes from 2mm – 2000mm (0.078” – 80”)
  • Wide range of liner and electrode materials
  • Explosion proof options
  • High pressure option to 250 bar g (3620 psig), temperatures to 150°C (300°F)
  • ‘No liner’ insertion sensors with under pressure installation for 50 – 2000mm (2″ – 80″)
  • Wide range of compact or remote converters, with analog, pulsed, or frequency outputs and protocols
  • Low cost plastic and metal construction wafer style sensors
  • All stainless steel sanitary sensors with 3A Approval Tri-Clamp and DIN 11851 connections
  • Meets European Directive EN61326 1/A1 electro magnetic immunity
  • Meets European Pressure Equipment Directive – Sound Engineering Practice
  • Battery or solar operated up 600mm (24″) diameter
  • There is a choice of 2 Converters for tekMag TM03.
  • They may be compact or remote, but all have the same unique Tekflo technology. These range from the basic to those that maybe 0.2% accuracy, submerged or have communication protocols, or with explosion proof option.

tekMag Types

  • tekMag TM03: General Purpose
  • tekMag TM04/TM05: Sanitary and Chemical
  • tekMag TM08: Battery Operated
  • tekMag TM12: Insertion Type

tekMag Converters

tekMag Converters
tekMag TMC03 ConverterCompact or remote
General purpose < +- 0.5% of reading
tekMag TMC04 ConverterCompact or remote
High Accuracy < +- 0.2% of reading
tekMag TMC10 ConverterCompact or remote
Battery powered
< +- 1% of reading

Please refer to downloads section for the tekMag converters specifications.